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It is our belief that business and values are inseparable. Values inspire trust... trust builds relationships...relationships drive growth.

Company Profile

Africent Group ( is a management and marketing consulting services company specializing in professional consulting in Oil and Gas Industry and Agricommodities Trading.

Africent Group focuses on Oil and Gas consulting that aims to improve the marketing and strategies development capacity of Oil and Gas companies. Other services offered are Marine Logistics Services Consulting and Agricommodities Trading Consulting.

The company has developed subsidiaries as listed below.

S8 Contractors & Company Ltd(, We are world class experts offering solutions tailored to your dynamic business needs, from oil and gas trading to shipping and marine logistics services.

Cropyfy is an online wholesale platform that helps you find fresh organic and non- organic food products, gluten and gluten free for every taste and occasion. Cropyfy also offers click and request custom delivery service to provide the most convenient delivery services to our valued customer.

Oillet Services Ltd ( As part of our success in business and consistent commitment in providing quality products and services to our customers, we have built a factory plant that will be producing Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) , Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) and Livestock Feeds.

Oillet Services Ltd also produce and processes soybean seeds into full fat soya meal through extrusion technology and with its state-of the-art facilities.

Our Services

Our team is composed of professionals proven in providing wide range of integrated business consulting services to Oil and Gas Companies.

Services Offer:

  • Marketing and Strategies Development
  • In-house training for bunker fuel traders

Marine Logistics and Transport Services Consulting

We understand the need of every marine fuel suppliers, traders and oil brokers to perform and achieve advanced knowledge and skills in marine logistics and transport services operations.

Services Offer:

  • Training, research and consulting services in transportation logistics,shipping,supply chain and international trade.

Agriculture Commodities Trading Consulting

We deliver effective Agriculture Commodities Trading Consulting services on a timely manner with wide-ranging perspective of global market. Along with the advice, we provide competitive research analysis and forecasts for your business to develop great strategies on Agricommodities trading in all aspects.

Founder's Message

With more than a decade of exposure to research and digital commerce, we were urged to come up with business concepts that will help improve strategies for client companies. And we started with opening business opportunities for small and medium enterprises across the world online.

Having our vision materialized is a great milestone. We developed AfriCent Group as an avenue of sharing our knowledge and expertise gained with 12 years of experience in the industry and co-founding the S8 Contractors & Company Ltd.

S8 Contractors & Company Ltd is a Company that has been in the business of Marine Logistics Expertise , Services, Petroleum products supplies and vending services, Marine equipment leasing and sales services.

AfriCent Group has a shared vision with every Oil and Gas companies- that is to thrive in the industry. And we help them achieve that through consulting.

Achieving greater standards mean expanding further reach. AfriCent Group also offers Marine Logistics Consulting Services to improve marine fuel suppliers’ operations and Agri-commodities Trading Consulting that would also include training, marketing and management advice to the business owners.

Oillet Services Ltd is our evidence of professional services and success in Agricommodities and Agribusiness engagements.The company now built a mid-sized Palm Kernel Oil Mill & Feeds for livestock plant in Nigeria.

S8 Contractors now moved it headquarter to London. S8 Contractors Uk Ltd, offer Special sea transportation support services, oil and ores brokerage services, vessel chartering and management.

As the cliché goes "Opportunities are all around us waiting to be discovered", we will continuously develop new things and consistently deliver results to satisfy the changing needs of our clients.

We appreciate your time on knowing more about us. Who knows you will soon be our partner to success.

Sincerely yours, Razaq Juwon Lawal

Official Member, Forbes Business Council

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Our mission is to build trust and sustain relationships between businessmen and consumers with the aid of ecommerce platforms. To create a better way to connect people in different parts of the world through accessible mobile applications, and to deliver excellent results in the courier and transport provider services.


Our vision is to become the prime multinational company, recognized for global success in the field of Information Technology, Agribusiness and Marine Logistics Expertise, highly respected in the industry and known committed to quality and innovation.