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United Through Our Values

Our Group

United Through Our Values

S8 Contractors & Company Ltd

S8 Contractors & Company Ltd is a brokerage firm that focuses on Oil and Gas Logistics Support Services, Barge/Vessel Chartering, Marine Logistics Services, and Transport Logistics Services.

Founded in 2009 with its operational base in West Africa, the company has been involved in Maritime operations worldwide- gaining expertise in marine fuel brokerage, oil exploration, and shipping brokerage services. S8 Contractors is currently headquartered in London; with operations remaining in West Africa.

S8 Contractors Uk Ltd., offers special sea transportation support services, oil and ores brokerage services, vessel chartering and management.

With indispensable professional knowledge and advanced technology, S8 Contractors Uk Ltd., is continuously providing the best quality of services to every client. With a dual focus on maintaining consistency in business goals, and long-term relationships with business partners.


S8 Contractors has its vision, to be a premier partner of choice to its partners in the provision of direct services to increase optimal efficiency and also be the highest value provider in their chosen field.


S8 Contractors’ mission is to create a seamless platform for the efficient matching of supply to demand and to be a contractor of choice to clients through a partnership built on integrity, quality service, efficiency, and speed.

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Cropyfy Ltd

Welcome to Cropyfy, an online retail and wholesale platform for food and beverages. It also caters to crops commodities trading and brokerage services. Cropyfy offers click and request custom delivery service to provide the most convenient delivery services to our valued customers. With Cropyfy, you have your desire to choose healthy products at an affordable price.


Cropyfy has its own product line with ensured premium quality food products of organic and non-organic products such as spices, pasta, wheat flour, grains, cereals, seeds and nuts, oil products. Gluten and gluten-free products such as sauces recipes, dressings, tomato pastes, ketchup, and chocolates. Our passion for healthy food products means that we provide our customers nothing but the highest quality of products that are guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied!

If you’re looking for fresh, premium quality, organic products, and excellent service, you’re in the right place.


Cropyfy also offers click and request custom delivery services so you’ll never worry about any delays of our product deliveries. Just go to the online shop, choose your order, process it quickly and it will directly be delivered to your home or wherever you are!

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Oillet Services Ltd

Oillet Services Ltd produces and processes soybean seeds into full-fat soya meal through extrusion technology and with its state-of-the-art facilities.

What makes us unique from others is our credibility in producing high-quality products and providing top-notch services.

Oillet Services Ltd, Oil Mill Plant is located in Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, Lufaope, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Incorporated in 2013

Statistics Overview:

Capacity Per/Day 50 TPD(Crude Palm Kernel Oil )
Expected production per/day 60TPD ( Livestock Feeds)
100% Equity Financed

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KreekAfrica.com - The smart new way of doing business

Kreek Africa is an online community portal that connects freelancers from across Africa to clients and businesses around the world. It gives opportunities for Clients to look for the right freelancers for their project, by posting their project requirement unto the platform and having freelancers submit proposals on how the project will be executed, this gives the client the right insight to decide which freelancer will be a good match for their project.

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Intelligent SME communication management tool
Create Email, SMS and social media campaigns
Automate communication
Templates, Insights and analytics.
KreekSend products and services are accessible worldwide.

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