Our Services

Our Services

As we continue to strive, we are not left behind as we constantly aligning with modern technology, innovative services.

Technology Services

We are today not left behind and constantly aligning with modern technology innovations and services.

We have developed a wide range of products and services that reach and impact many lives and businesses across the Africa continent and beyond. We have one of the fastest-growing freelance marketplaces in Africa, an email marketing automation service, and a digital payment service.


Our passionate and professional services are tailored to contributing and providing food services to our clients and communities, ranging from packaged food products to Feeds for livestock.

Oil and Marine

Since 2009 We have been actively involved in providing professional services in Vessel chartering, towage services, and bunker supplies to clients within West Africa territorial waters and the Atlantic Ocean. We are known for fueling the world at sea. We have grown to be one of the market leaders and now operates with an extensive fleet of tug boats and other specialist vessels providing support services to clients in a range of diverse markets. Based in West Africa, United Kingdom, the business now operates internationally servicing clients’ coastal towage, deep-sea towage, marine support, and pilotage needs.